Murals and Artwork

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rocky mountain mural painted on canvas painted map of montana on board for holiday inn 2D painted lattice and sky mural on ceiling and soffit tree and lily pad mural in powder room tree with birds and flowers mural in powder room
tuscan landscape mural on canvas in alcove vertical landscape mural in stairwell niche lake calhoun mural at calhoun beach club sculpture garden on canvas at minneapolis hilton hastings minnesota acrylic on canvas at allina
Lake Calhoun sculpture garden hastings Curtain and Column
Fish Painting Themed Hallway in Retirement Home Themed Hallway in Retirement Home Rue de France Stone Wall with Vines Windows and Flowers
Faux Fish Windows and Roses Powder Room Foliage Lake Superior Mural Rainy Day Mushroom Forest
Castle Humpty Dumpty Subtle Child's Room Powder Room Birds Powder Room Birds 2 Powder Room Topiary
clothed monkey mural vermillion falls hastings mn acrylic on canvas painted curtain and column
Two Birds Foot Bridge Playful Monkeys hastings Ciatti's Billboard and Poster curtain and column
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