faux finishes

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painted vines and glazed 3D ornament in kitchen metalic painted finish on walls and fireplace tile oil frottage technique on hall walls antiqued finish on new cabinets oil frottage technique close-up oil frottage technique on office walls
subtle metalic glaze in bedroom metalic glaze on copper colored dining room walls and ceiling glazed stucco finish above fireplace gesso texture with glaze and highlights subtle blue tones in master bedroom painted finish on bookcase
painted sky mural and glazed stucco walls my studio walls may 2008 studio veiw with my doggy gesso textured walls with glaze textured wall close-up stairwell with textured walls and mural
Bathroom Wall Decor Room with Red Chairs Sunroom Bedroom with Swirly Faux Family Room
(Subtle Wall Treatment)
Grand Staircase
Mirror Birds Carusso Store Front
(Calhoun Square)
La Grand Poolroom Chess Room Smoking Room
Bathroom Wall Decor 2 (Up Close) Diningroom Faux Fawbush's Dining Room Grand Entrance with Venetian Plaster Treatment Black Stallion Restaurant
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